The core value of the Western Heritage Foundation and all chartered clubs is to teach students to live Respectful and Respectable lives at all times in and out of the arena, while as much as possible providing them with a physically and socially safe place to pursue their passion for western sports and AG related education.

“Life is a Team Sport” – Creating the team environment in a historically individualistic sport in order to prepare students for effective career and community involvement.


We are building team environments and creating financial resources in each School District for young people interested in Western Sports, Agricultural Science and Animal Science. Students, parents and professionals meet each week to practice, study and compete in their specific field of interest. Students are encouraged and equipped to establish Western Heritage clubs in their schools as means of promoting and preserving our western life style among their peers and becoming a resource for local Ag Teachers, FFA, 4H, and interest groups related to our western heritage.


To promote and preserve Western Sports, Agriculture and Animal Science for our nations youth.

To create physically and socially safe team environments with experienced coaches, for students to be encouraged and motivated to become the very best they can be both in the arena and out of the arena.

To create quality mentoring for young people who are drawn to the Western life style, helping them to recognize the myriad of professional careers available to them in the agriculture and animal industry.


John Yeatts

John Yeatts

Founder and President

Hometown: Fort Worth,Texas

Historical Experience: Calf Roping, Bareback , Chute Dogging, FFA Equine Judging, Coaching and Rider training

Organizational Experience: Richland High School Rodeo Team, FFA Alumni, Christian NGO’s

Profession: Clergy, Executive Development Officer and Non - Profit Management

Why the Western Heritage Foundation: Because young people drawn to our Cowboy Culture need a quality place with quality adults, encouraging , challenging, correcting and casting vision for them. Reminding them greatness lies within them, but it must be developed over a lifetime of growth, education and service. I believe many of our nations troubles are directly related the loss of our Western Heritage and Culture. We encourage our nation to value and promote the values, character and ethics that made our nation great, they are the fabric of our Western Heritage.

Rhonda Yeatts

Rhonda Yeatts

Co-Founder and Secretary

Hometown: Keller, Texas

Profession: Event Sales Manager, Hyatt Regency DFW

Why the Western Heritage Foundation: Growing up in Keller before anyone really knew it existed was a wonderful experience. It was a small town feel but still close enough to all the conveniences of Dallas and Fort Worth. As a child, my Dad gave us the experience of having animals and “country living.” We had chickens, rabbits, ducks, cows and even a goat. We had a nice piece of land to run around and ride our go-carts and enjoy being outside. My parents also grew a large garden each year which we helped plant, water and tend to and in the end enjoyed the fruits of our labor. While urbanization is great, you just cannot replace the feeling of pride and accomplishment in a young adult when they raise, care for and show or compete on an animal they are responsible for. This is just what the Western Heritage Foundation does for students who would not otherwise be able to own a horse or goat or other livestock. It also provides a team environment in which they feel safe and accepted. Everyone needs a place to belong and our rodeo team provides that atmosphere for so many young adults. The team bonding that happens while cheering on their teammates, taking out of town trips together and even sitting around a bonfire having s’mores is something my own children have loved about being a part of Western Heritage Foundation and I am looking forward to providing that opportunity to many others in the years to come.

Shane Hodges

Shane Hodges

Co-Founder and Vice President

Home Town: Fort Worth, Texas

Experience: Bareback, Chute Dogging, Team Roping, Calf Roping, FFA Equine Judging, Coach and Rider Training

Organizational Experience: Richland High School Rodeo Team, FFA Alumni, US Team Roping Association, NTHSRA Board Member

Profession: Firefighter/Paramedic

Why the Western Heritage Foundation: In Texas, the western or rodeo way of life has impacted just about everything from sports teams like The Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers and the San Antonio Spurs to restaurants; bike trails shopping centers and more. Historical sites like the Fort Worth Stock Yards and Exchange, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Stockyard Coliseum are all foundational pillars of our western heritage. Our state proudly hosts the greatest rodeos, livestock shows, and equestrian events in the country from Fort Worth to Houston and as far south as San Antonio just to name a few. The Western Culture is alive in many of the smaller towns, but in the urban areas and many other states, it is almost non-existent. Today’s youth find it difficult to explore the opportunity to work with animals or rodeo. Most schools do not offer this experience anymore. That is where the Western Heritage Foundation steps in. The WHF makes it possible for these young people to have access to livestock from horses, to cattle, to goats and many other farm and ranch animals. Our coaches, parents and members create a team environment that makes it possible for young people to experience firsthand the activities and values of our culture and preserve our Western Heritage.

Rudy Sifuentes

Rudy Sifuentes

Board Member

Hometown: Eagle Pass, Texas

Historical Experience: Live Stock Show Participant

Organizational Experience: FFA Alumni, President of CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), Knights of Columbus 3rd Degree Member

Profession: Sales Manager, Corporate Buyer

Why the Western Heritage Foundation: My daughters’ love for horses introduced me to the kind and wonderful people of the Western Heritage Foundation. I was instantly taken back to a time of when I was a young boy growing up in rural Maverick County, participating in livestock shows. I felt the need to serve so that my daughters could pursue their love for the cowboy way of life in a safe and nurturing environment. I am honored and blessed to be appointed to the Board of Directors where I will continue to serve the children as my mentors did for me.

David Hinson

David Hinson

Board Member

Hometown: Stephenville, Texas

Historical Experience: FFA Chapter Conducting, Land Judging, Cattle and Swine Judging

Organizational Experience: FFA Alumni

Profession: Education – High School Principal

Why Western Heritage Foundation: Growing up in a rural setting, the western lifestyle has always appealed to me. My daughter has the same passion for the lifestyle and her involvement in horsemanship, riding and competing initially drew our family to the Western Heritage Foundation. The Foundation, not only provides an avenue for young people to experience the Western/Cowboy Culture, it provides them a safe, faith-based environment to learn and grow. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors and my wife and I are so happy to be able to give back to our community through this organization.

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