What WHF means to me

The Western Heritage Foundation is not just a rodeo team, but a place where friends can come together. Where we as people can socialize and do what we all love; rodeo. The place where we all can relate to one another with our horses and our love for country songs and campfires. A place where you can depend on people to be there for you and to support you one hundred percent of the time. The team will always be there for you, whether its about horses, personal problems, or school troubles. The team will be there to help you and to catch you before you fall. If your horse is having issues there are girls and coaches there to help you, they understand your frustration. If something happens to your horse and you cant ride him then the team will figure out a way to get you back on and riding. When the barrel racers run out of the ally way you know that if you look just to the right your rodeo family is there screaming their guts out and cheering you on all the way till the end. From bad runs all the way to amazing runs the team is always there to give you tips along the way. Even for our bull dogers, ropers, goat tiers, and bull riders the teams support is and will be always there. Encouragement is one of the top words the team uses because that is what we do, encourage others to continue to do what they love and to get others to join our rodeo family. This team has made the biggest impact in my life because it showed me that the possibilities are endless and the adventures never stop.